No Man’s Sky : Hello Games announces Beyond, a huge update with a 1st video

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To say that No Man’s Sky has changed a lot since its release on August 9, 2016 is a mild understatement. After being caught full of cum, and a little to the right title, Hello Games has quickly set out to correct his shot and increasing the density of the content, yet full of potential in his game of exploration. With great blows of patches and updates massive, the studio of british has managed to gradually transform its title to make it much more relevant : it should be said that the update Next, output the last year has brought many, including a multiplayer highly anticipated. A few months after Visions, the developers reveal their next expansion, Beyond.

Beyond would be the update the most important ever created by the firm, including several elements in massive, including a multiplayer aspect to be revised upwards : No Man s Sky Online will incorporate, therefore, the mechanical social novel, which encourage interaction and encounters with other players, as well as a bunch of other optimizations that remain to be detailed. Although the appearance of the game is close to a lot of an MMO, Hello Games states that Beyond is not to be regarded as such, and that there will be no registration or microtransaction, but it will remain a free good for everyone (provided you have purchased the base game, of course).

Many other elements are yet to be revealed and, for the moment, the designers have shown that a first video enigmatic, available below. More information about Beyond should arrive shortly waiting for its release, scheduled for next summer.


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