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A couple of months ago, we thought we’d recommend some anime to see on Netflix, the popular digital distribution platform that is embracing more and more animation in japan, enriching the catalog of the week: in the spring will be the time of the famous Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example, but already in the past few months we have discovered the pleasant additions, like High Score Girl, which is closer to the world of video games. We were sure that the ten recommendations would not be sufficient to represent the plethora of souls available to you, so here we are again to tell you about ten other series or animated films that deserve your time. As usual, feel free to suggest other series that you have particularly enjoyed and that perhaps on this page have not found the place: who knows, maybe we’ll talk again in a third appointment in a few weeks.

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The Seven Deadly SinsThe animated series from the manga of Nakaba Suzuki was the first to be nominated by readers in the comments to the last special. We didn’t think that was so popular in our country, but perhaps we had to expect it: Nanatsu no Taizai – this is the original title – is an anime fantasy theme that starts from a premise very original. The protagonists, in fact, are the bad guys. Okay, it is not that they are just evil, and you must see the series to find out their motivations, but the story essentially focuses on the Seven Sins, an order of mighty warriors who had conspired against the kingdom of Britannia, and was then sgominato by the Knights of the Holy land. After many years, the Knights Sacred settle in the place of the king and the princess Elizabeth decides to reunite the Seven Sins in order to overthrow the new despots. The characters are all well characterized and have incredible powers that make the fights exciting and spectacular.


One Punch ManStaying on the subject of extraordinary powers, it seems fair to recommend is also the vision of One Punch Man, a series in a few episodes – the development is slow – which is inspired by one of the manga that have proved most successful in recent years, despite the humble origins: it was in fact published on the blog of the author, One, then contacted by the artist Yusuke Murata, who has redesigned the plates. One Punch Man chronicles the misadventures of Saitama, a young japanese, who one day decides to devote himself body and soul to a workout is so exhausting how corny, becoming a hero and very powerful, capable of defeating every type of monster. Saitama solves practically every fight with one punch, so the series at some point move her attention to a large group of supporting characters and their battles with the beings mysterious attack constantly Japan. Produced by the prestigious studio Madhouse, One Punch Man is an anime recommended to the fans of unrestrained action.


BakiBaki is another anime absolutely insane, but we want to recommend especially to those who has the strong stomach, seen that it is violent. At the same time, however, he manages to be also funny. Why? Well, first of all, it is important to point out that the series that you can find on Netflix is actually a sequel: Baki, in fact, is a manga Keisuke Itagaki going on since 1991, and which has already become an anime, almost twenty years ago. After a long period of pause, the new anime resumes the story from where it had been interrupted: in this new tranche of episodes, the five fugitives from the superhuman abilities come to Tokyo to find out who is the fighter stronger. Yes, ok, the plot is incredibly stupid, but it’s basically just an excuse to stage fights absurd, and bloodthirsty. Baki is almost the equivalent of a fighting videogame without a plot, you look at the brain off and chuckles to every absurd special technique that appears on the screen.


TrigunInspired by the manga of the same name by Yasuhiro Nightow, published between 1995 and 1997 in just three volumes, Trigun is an anime in twenty-six episodes, signed Madhouse, which tells of the adventures of Vash the Stampede, a gunslinger wanted for destroying an entire town: despite its reputation as apocalyptic, Vash is a piece of bread that strives to help others. The story is set in a science fiction universe in shades of western and boasts charming characters, and memorable as Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a hired assassin who fights with a giant cross where you hide various firearms. In Japan, strangely, didn’t like it much, but as the years go on Trigun has been a great success especially in the west, becoming a cult series. Perhaps it might be in your strings.


The lies of April)Despite the Italian title, you’ll find Shigatsu wa Kimi no Use only subtitled in Italian and dubbed in the original language. It is worth the same to see him, of course, because it is one of the romantic comedies the most tender, meaningful and moving around. Are only twenty-two episodes that slip away that is a delight, taken from the manga of the same name Naoshi Arakawa: the protagonist, Kosei, is a young pianist who, traumatized by the death of the mother, away from the music. Later, Kosei knows of an eccentric classmate, Kaori, who plays the violin and slowly does it thrill again to the piano: between the two, it establishes a deep bond, but the life, you know, can play tricks on you. If you are unable to shed a single tear in the final, you are horrible people to such as we suggest in the next series.


Devilman CrybabyInspired by the famous work of Go Nagai, Devilman Crybaby is an original series on Netflix in ten episodes only, which tells the same story with a new angle, focusing on a more modern and current. Akira Fudo is a high school student a bit inept, which rediscovers an old friend, Ryo Asuka, the latter has discovered the existence of demons and, in an attempt to svelarla the rest of the world, involves Akira in a plane crazy with a dramatic outcome. Akira is, in fact, possessed by the demon Amon, however, manages to keep control of their own identity and turns into a Devilman. At this point it starts a complicated fight against the demons that will have unexpected consequences. Devilman Crybaby is a series that seems to have been drawn under acidic, violent, visceral. Sex, blood, people killed, and a strange humor of the perverse: if you are among those who consider every cartoon to the equal of Teletubbies, you might think again.


Code GeassThe Throne of Swords meets Death Note meets Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, and as well Controls. Okay, it may be the melting pot that is the more disturbing of the japanese animation, it works and has had an extraordinary success, and when Code Geass was a success ten years ago. On Netflix you can find the two seasons of the series, the mother and also the spin-off ” Akito the Exiled. For those not familiar with Code Geass, it is an anime that is signed by Sunrise that tells the mefistofelico plan of Lelouch Lamperouge, heir to the throne of Britannia in a universe fantapolitico alternate to ours where wars are fought on board of the mech. Lelouch obtains a power, the Geass, which allows him to manipulate anyone who crosses his eyes: this is a power that has limits, but that Lelouch will use it with intelligence and strategy, hiding behind the mask of the vigilante Zero. The war, however, has always a high price to pay, and Code Geass, in his fifty bets and pass, all it does is remind us of this.


Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade WorksWell, this might be a bit complicated to explain. Fate/stay is a visual novel super popular stuff in Japan now is the most famous of the Bible, and Dragon Ball put together. And about Fate/stay we have done an animated series, I just don’t find it on Netflix because on Netflix you can find – for a start, eh – Unlimited Blade Works, that is, the series that depicts one of the possible paths of the original video game. So in a sense you can find the series, but in an alternative form. You can also find Apocrypha, Last Encore and the Grand Order, which are all spin-off set in parallel universes or the like, and there is also the movie Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel then that is the first of a trilogy. You are confused? It seems fair, then pretend not to have read nothing, and concentrate on the Unlimited Blade Works, a series that tells the secret war in which seven mages, accompanied by one of the reincarnations of great mythological heroes, fighting for the possession of the Holy Grail, a relic that can fulfill any desire. The protagonist, Shiro, will have to learn to defend yourself and prevail in a struggle without quarter, where nobody respects the rules and there are no allies but only competitors.


Toradora!Seen that in this special we have spoken, especially of wars, battles, violence, and fantasy, we come back down to earth and close with an irresistible romantic comedy. Unlike the Lies of April), that are titled in Italian, but dubbed in japanese, Toradora! keeps the original title, but it was completely dubbed in Italian. There are twenty-five episodes to keep, and fun that revolve around a bizarre friendship: Ryuji is a student place that is apparently a thug, and is in love with a classmate, Minori. Taiga is a student pucciosa with a real character who is in love with However. However is the best friend of Ryuji Minori’s best friend Taiga: have you already figured out where we’re going to stop? Ryuji and Taiga join forces to conquer their respective friends, but, of course, their friendship becomes something more in a thousand misunderstandings and mishaps. Delicious.



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