Media-Create will not provide more numbers of sales data for the japanese to pressure from publisher

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Media Create non fornirà più i numeri dei dati di vendita giapponesi per pressioni da parte dei publisher

Media-Create will no longer provide numerical data for the videogame market to the japanese, the ones that weekly we use to compile the rankings, the japanese, to pressure from large publishers.

The announcement came on the official website of the company collecting and processing data, which since 1994 has provided valuable information on the performance of the japanese market, one of the few that have always known the precise numbers. Unfortunately the company is formed only by eleven persons, and could not resist to the pressures of its stakeholders, or the stakeholders, including the large publishers, who evidently feel damaged by seeing exposed their numbers.

The result is that, of course, the japanese market will become more and more nebulous and that we shall entrust reports to find out a little more, a little’ as is the case for the US market with NPD. Surely we shall come to the knowledge of the most relevant information, but it will become more difficult, if not impossible, to quantify the successes and failures, unless they are the publisher themselves esplicitarli. You will lose all the intermediate data as much as they were useful to assess the state of health of the industry in japan. Sin.


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