Sometimes we would like to know how certain ideas can emerge and establish itself within a development team up to become the subject of hours and hours of development, when you focus on the premises so strange. It is the case of the King of Crabs, the protagonist of this review, which sets the scene for a fight to the last claw between crabs (and other types of shellfish, but to a lesser extent) for the domain of the seas. It is likely that the team Robot Squid that has taken inspiration from the games multiplayer most in vogue at the moment, as the battle royale, to pull off an idea so strange, trying in the meantime to keep the strong character of originality to the game. From this point of view, the mission seems successful, and the King of Crabs, if anything, can be proud that something actually little seen elsewhere, even in the vast sea of digital stores for mobile platforms.

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Not that the basic elements of this game are particularly unpublished, in any case: it is, in fact, survive in a hostile environment, strengthened as much as possible and fighting against the rivals in the context of online multiplayer, but it is the way in which all this is presented that it affects. Hence we are to grow our crab, which increases in size as the eye while feeding on the creatures and breaks down crabs rivals, becoming at the same time more and more strong and durable, and is able, in this way, deal with progressively more experienced players and powerful. It is probably in this sense of steady progression, made evident by a growth visible in the size and strength of the protagonist within short periods of time in the arena, the secret of addiction that King of Crabs can exert on the player, reinforcing it with a feedback evident and a certain sense of satisfaction deriving from the growth dramatically of your crab the mechanism of management of the “characters” at the base of the entire structure of the game.

The hard life of the crustaceanKing of the Crabs puts on a ruthless reduction in the small of what is, in effect, the true life of the crustacean, which is subjected to the relentless food chain and natural selection. In essence, the “big fish eats the small fish” to the nth power, concentrated in few minutes action: we move our crab inside a large arena shared online , which reproduces a setting of the coast as a natural habitat for shellfish. The aim is to eat the smaller creatures in order to reload the energy is constantly reduced due to the effect of hunger and at the same time grow in size and fight with other crabs, acquiring experience points and coins by investing in the evolution of the creatures. Around the map you can find also special crates that contain weapons and shields can provide temporary bonuses to use in battles, although the battle system (super-simplified, since it simply requires to go on the opponents) is based in large part on the application of mathematics the probability of success based on the power level of the competitors, beyond a minimum ability in the dosage of energy to do the sprint elusive.

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This all boils down to the construction of a good crab to combat, because it is not required to have any special skill to win in the clashes, beyond the statistics. Here it engages the other key component of the King of Crabs, outside of the battle field: the management of crabs. Each session of the game involves a progression in terms of experience which, once achieved their goals, to unlock new creatures, rarity and progressive power. Since it is a free-to-play, you understand where you can get all of this: you can also win new crabs through the casino, which is the classic gacha based on the coins won in-game on the pearls, which are the currency that is purchased with real money. It goes without saying that the crabs were more rare, they may be won with higher probability of spending money, but it is also true that the game is pretty well balanced, and allows an important evolution, even starting from the crabs of the simplest and most common. Every creature may in fact be enhanced by applying the experience points and skills obtained, in addition to possibly be adorned with accessories, more or less rare.

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