Released on February 15, Jump Force was not the slap to be expected, even if it has some undeniable qualities. Among other things, the diversity of its characters, that make up a roster dense and impressive, from all the franchises popular pop-culture japanese : Bandai Namco account just to offer his title and fighting a pretty long-term sustainability, particularly with the advent of several updates, free and a great season pass. It is this latter which concerns us today, since the publisher has just lifted the veil on the first fighter of the 9 planned for the next months, which is nothing else than a certain Seto Kaiba.

Lovers of card games, there will certainly be indifferent, since it is derived from the famous saga Yu-Gi-Oh! : so this is the second character of the franchise to join the cast of Jump Force as his famous protagonist Yugi was already part of the original game. In addition to a first official image, here is the roadmap of the next content : there will be plenty to do.

Jump Force