Hearthstone, Blizzard announced the expansion The Rise of the Shadows, trailer, and release date

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced The Rise of the Shadows, the new expansion to Hearthstone that will add 135 new cards starting next April 9. For the occasion, was also released a trailer. Read all the details via the press release:

“A new coalition of the wicked people rise to power and players of Hearthstone all over the world will wear their clothes The rise of the shadows, the new expansion to the critically acclaimed card game digital of Blizzard Entertainment. Starting from the 9th of April, players will be able to join this band of ruffians for the first story in Hearthstone’s one-year long, with a 135 petty new cards, and some innovative and subtle mechanics.

After being defeated by the League of Explorers, the Arciladro Rafaam understood that his he, alone, would not be sufficient to carry out his plans for the domination of Azeroth. Since then, he has spent decades in the shadows to recruit more major antagonists that Hearthstone has ever seen to form the Legion of the M. A. L. E., a true super group of villains of the old set of Hearthstone, including King Cobaldo, Madame Lazul, the irrepressible Dr. Boom and Hagatha the Witch. The rise of the shadows, these evil beings will once again implement their evil intentions, supported by the players of Hearthstone, that want to get their hands dirty with them.

In addition to this promising batch of players, the Legion of the M. A. L. E. relies on Minions, servants 1/1 with fiendish Cries of the Battle. These agents of the lower level will be crucial for the implementation of the evil Plans of the new Spells, the power of which grows with every turn they remain in the hand of the player. If the brain and brute force weren’t enough, the Legion has other aces up his sleeve, including cards hospitality, are still strong, with effects that pay homage to the set of Hearthstone come from the crazy minds of the Legion of the M. A. L. E., and which provide players with new, smart strategies.

“Hearthstone has a group of bad guys very loved by the fans and it is exciting to see them all at the center of the scene, The rise of the shadows,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “We can’t wait for the players tuffino in the chaos of this expansion, with the new, left cards at their disposal.”

Players wishing to join the Legion of the M. A. L. E. should watch their backs, because it probably will become the target of a mysterious group that fights crime known as the Defenders of Dalaran. It is said that these formidable guardians padroneggino the power of Magic Attacks, powerful Spells that once cast will generate a copy of themselves that can be launched again in a later turn. More information on the Defenders of Dalaran will be shared later.

On arrival on the 9th of April on Windows PC and Mac, Windows tablet, iOS and Android, and smartphones, the envelopes of cards de The rise of the shadows you can win in the Arena mode of Hearthstone and buy with gold in game or with real money at the same price as the other packs of Hearthstone. From now until April 9, you can preacquistare the envelopes of cards de The rise of the shadows with two different packages: the package of pre-purchase 50 envelopes, includes one card Legendary random and the back Gemstone Lazul, or the Mega Package 80 envelope that contains a card Legendary Golden random, the back of the Gem Lazul and the new hero Priest playable, the mysterious Madame Lazul. These packages are available for all platforms 49,99 € 79,99 €, respectively, and can be purchased only once per account.”

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