Google Play Store: 206 app with adware SimBad have infected millions of devices

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In recent months we returned several times to talk about the security of the Google Play Store: digital store, of Mountain View, present on all android smartphones in circulation, there seems, unfortunately, the most difficult to work around on the part of the bad guys. The latest news is that 206 applications containing theadware SimBad, which would have infected millions of devices.
On the Google Play Store, were present, in more detail, the well 206 application fictitious: they were proposals such as video games, free or promised features are totally non-existent, save then install malicious software on the android smartphone of the user. The adware SimBad has proved to be particularly aggressive: he was able to subtract the data in the application is not running, then send them directly to attackers via the server; according to the data that emerged from the last few hours, this adware would be downloaded for a total of 150 million times, by infecting so millions and millions of devices of unsuspecting users.
For the user it is particularly difficult to notice you have downloaded a adware, and surely no one would think that a shop is as important as the Google Play Store are more than two hundred applications false specially designed to spread to as many as possible. Google has not released statements, but it seems that the apps in question have been removed. We leave you a list of the ten infected applications are the most downloaded (from the sun, they have scored 55 million downloads).

  • Snow, Heavy Excavator Simulator (10,000,000 downloads)
  • Hoverboard Racing (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Real Tractor Farming Simulator (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Ambulance Rescue Driving (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Heavy Mountain Bus Simulator 2018 (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Fire Truck Emergency Driver (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Farming Tractor Real Harvest Simulator (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Car Parking Challenge (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Speed Boat, Jet Ski Racing (5,000,000 downloads)
  • Water Surfing Car Stunt (5,000,000 downloads)

Google Play Store Malware 2


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