Google at GDC 2019: also Crystal Dynamics and Amy Hennig will be present at the event

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Among the famous names who will be attending the event organized by Google on the occasion of the GDC 2019 there will also be those of Amy Hennig and Crystal Dynamics.

The screenwriter for the Uncharted is, in fact, been invited along to the developers of Tomb Raider, and Raph Koster, game designer of Ultima Online. Yesterday, however, it was also confirmed the presence of Ubisoft and id Software.

Obviously the fact that these developers will be present at the keynote of Google could mean that agreements were signed to carry certain titles on the new console that will be announced in the course of direct.

To learn more, we can only wait for Tuesday 19 march, the date designated for the Google Developer Day. Please note that the live streaming will take place from 18:00 Italian time. You can find more news and rumor in this special, curated by Giorgio Melani.

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