Epic Games Store: the launcher steals data from the profiles Steam? The response of Epic

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It seems confirmed by the fact that the launcher of Epic Games Store performs a scan of the library and other data belonging to the profile, Steam users, apparently sending them to Epic Games, but this would not have to do with marketing reasons, or espionage of any type, ensures the company, but rather with the implementations of social features.

According to various sources, it was found that the launcher of Epic Games Store at launch, making a scan of the running processes on your PC and search for the certificates and the DLL without which the thing is made known in a rather big way. It also seems that the data collected about the presence of processes and signatures related to the games in the catalogue to the Steam of the different users are then transmitted to Epic Games, for reasons that are not clear.

To this you replied to the VP of the engineering division of Epic Games, Daniel Vogel. These reported that the issue was used by the program “Support-A-Creator” to allow the payment of taxes to the content creators, in order to track the statistics. Access to cookies and certificates is explained as a normal process, the launch of a web browser, whereas the user interface of the launcher Epic Game Store derives in great part from the technology of Chromium.

With regard to the collection of data relating to Steam, in particular, focuses on the ability to import your Steam friends, what software is running “with the explicit request of permission” from the user. The launcher makes a local copy of the encoded file Steam localconfig.vdf, but this is sent to Epic only if you choose to import friends list , and apparently, only the data relating to this are shared.

Vogel has also responded to concerns that the personal data of the users to be able to finish in Tencent, which controls part of Epic Games, and consequently also to the chinese government, claiming that no personal data is shared with external partners or shareholders. Also Tim Sweeney, the man Epic often launched in the past in the accusations against the various corporations on the limitations of freedom resulting from the concentration of power and information, reiterated the positions of Vogel, understanding some of the concerns of the users, and explaining that this system of Epic Game Store is derived from the desire to introduce elements of social in the first period of Fortnite, ensuring, however, to want to solve the issue by adopting different systems, the most sure and obvious for the users ‘ access to data.


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