Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch, a look at the new features in images

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Square Enix has released some images and information about Dragon Quest XI S, considered as a definitive version of the game coming to Nintendo Switch.

Among the novelties there is the 2D mode, i.e. the possibility to switch from the normal view with 3D graphics to a 2D, which incorporates the classic style of the old chapters and can be particularly suitable for the nostalgic, seeing that capture fully the atmosphere of the origins of the series, as you can see in among the images added to the gallery below.

Always in the new screenshot it is clear that, as theentire party of characters selected is now visible in the course of the exploration of the game world, where formerly were displayed the only protagonist. New content in terms of history , they are also shown in some of these images, as the presence of a Healslime friend of Erik, and the various scenes related to different characters that will be finally revealed in this new version of Dragon Quest XI.

Finally, as a non-visible features from the images, we remind you that the other news of Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch relate to the presence of the dialogues spoken and the ability to select between soundtrack and digital orchestral. To learn more, please refer also to the preview of Dragon Quest XI S released after the Nintendo Direct of February, where the game is presented with a new trailer on the Nintendo Switch.


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