Dragon Ball FighterZ : the next character DLC is a Goku Kid GT !

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Arc System Works continue to enrich the content of its Dragon Ball FighterZ, which will soon expand to a new character. It is, in fact, Goku kid, but in his version, Dragon Ball GT, that is to say, when he found his appearance to that of a child. A choice that may lead to controversy since the saga GT is by far one of the most hated of the series, even with the fans the most hardcores. This information, this is the blog of japanese ryokutya2089 who has revealed it, stating that among the special attacks that one will find, there are the famous Super Kamehameha (which is going to allow Goku to transform into a Super Saiyajin 3) and the Super genki dama. For the moment, there is no info on the release date nor the price which will be sold this character.

Dragon Ball FighterZ


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