Devil May Cry 5 finally comes out and fills the hole in the eleven years that separated it from its predecessor. And if the adventure is still imperfect, it is difficult to deny his gameplay and his technique is absolutely extraordinary that make it without doubt one of the best beat-them-all video game : for its director, Hideaki Itsuno, the style and “look cool” are the main ingredients used in its concoction. Guidelines in fact taken for a long time in the saga, the japanese being the order from Devil May Cry 2 : but now that the new adventure Dante and Nero is published, what will become of the future of the franchise ?

If the question may seem a bit avant-garde, it is no less relevant : the sales of Devil May Cry 5 will determine, of course, what will happen to the brand – besides, the game is way ahead of all other titles to the charts in English and japanese – but Capcom should already see on the horizon. In a book for developers released today by the publisher, which is based essentially on the philosphy of design of Itsuno and his team, we learn that the soul of Devil May Cry, as it is now defined, will not change definitely not. It is, in any case, what emerges very clearly from the mouth of Yoichiro Ikeda, lead game designer of this fifth iteration.

I do not think that the basic DNA of Devil May Cry will change in the future : we really want to make the best action games in the world. We will continue to manufacture of the securities in which the more you’re good, the more you seem cool and you may want to show your techniques to others.

A priori, Capcom no longer wishes to put the series aside. Only, Hideaki Itsuno may well be put on Dragon’s Dogma 2 and it is asked, then, how long will we have to wait again for a sequel to be in good and due form. The japanese giant will entrust the license to another developer or will there be a waiting the return of the director’s iconic ?