Devil May Cry 5 and the censorship of the version PS4

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Let’s talk about censorship with the case of Devil May Cry 5. It seems that the policy of Sony on the content of video games has changed in these months, in particular those relating to the naked and sexually explicit content. Already in October of last year, the removal of the Intimacy Mode (which allows players to strip away the protagonists and palpeggiarle) of Senran Kagura: Burst Re:newale the heavy complaints made to the visual novel japanese Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart, in the form of beams of light, had raised the discontent of developers and fans. Complaints that have not moved Sony from its position so as to apply the same “censorship enlightened” to a nude scene that is present in Devil May Cry 5: a handful of frames in which it is shown the B-side nude, one of the protagonists. The PlayStation version 4, in spite of those PC and Xbox, it sees the same play of light face to cover the nakedness emphasized, with a result so clumsy that tears almost a smile.

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A tool counterproductiveIt is the opinion of the writer, that the complaint cannot ever be an effective instrument, first of all because of the incredibly subjective concepts such as appropriate and inappropriate, harmless, and offensive will vary depending on the sensitivity of each one of us, therefore, what disturbs one may not concern another and vice versa. The gesture of the censor, moreover, conveys, unintentionally, a powerful suggestion in the public: the decision not to make it accessible and visible content instills the belief that the said contents is wrong, negative; censorship puts a meaning ill-omened, and engaging in the action on a specific topic, in this case the nude, you end up to convince the public that nude is bad… when it so obviously is not. Censorship finally, it is anti-democratic because it is a gesture, unilateral, for other, it needs no explanation.

Sony, why censor?We, the players, the explanations of the claim and if we are not provided, there is one antiquated to make assumptions. The first theory could be with the public of the youngest, where the decision of Sony was aimed at the protection of children but, of course, we speak of a supposition is ridiculous for a variety of factors. First of all the games involved do not belong to genres kids-friendly, were also assessed with a PEGI (and the consideration of the japanese CERO) 16 and 18, and then recommended to an adult audience. Secondly, if these contents were so offensive and/or dangerous as the other console manufacturers I would have expected some censorship, but it is not happened, not even for the version Switch of Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart. Also, every console of the current generation have systems of parental control that were created specifically for these situations.

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Interesting to note that some insiders have pointed out that these new policies are not, start from the headquarters of Sony, but by Sony USA, the american office, where leaders and employees have seen firsthand how the feminist movement Mee Too was disruptive. Saw that the nudes in question is all female, it will not be that these complaints were dictated by a moving, wry, and sincere fear? Because the more that an attention to the respect of the female gender it seems almost a move prior to avoid charges and retaliation in the future. The matter is further complicated when one analyzes the cultural factor implicated in the affair: how some of the productions of japanese may seem problematic is always missing an important element of the analysis is represented by the factor socio-cultural. Skin certain content, the Intimacy Mode in the first place, can generate a motion of repulsion, particularly in women, but it is also true that not all japanese videogames are full of explicit content, and in most cases, when this happens, it is a pure and simple fan service. Sex sells and sex is not always offensive… or perhaps we are convinced of the opposite because of decades of censorship?

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Since social media has become the megaphone of the population every company lives with the fear of offending someone, and the more a company is large, the more the fear is strong. Create a commercial product, belong to the entertainment or the food market, perfectly neutral is impossible because there will always be someone who for reasons legitimate or surface will complain. It should also be said that where a product has been created following an idea, a project, a vision of artistic and creative censorship will always be out of place. Devil May Cry 5 is proving to be a title to expectations and incredibly appreciated, why change the work of the developer? The story is easy to understand, well, has a connotation nothing short of embarrassing but what should worry the players is not the present but the future: if a game such as Devil May Cry 5, even in minor part, is a result, is liable to censure in the eyes of Sony, which game will be on next time?


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