Devil May Cry 5: a video from Capcom on the philosophy behind the design of the game

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Devil May Cry 5 is another title that symbolizes the return on the crest of the wave of Capcom, and in a wider sense also of the development landscape the japanese videogaming, and it is particularly interesting, therefore, this new video diary from the developers that talks about the philosophy behind the design of the game.

From director Hideaki Itsuno and interventions on the part of the lead game designer Yoichiro Ikeda, producer Michiteru Okabe and Matthew Walker and art director Koki Kinoshita, let’s see the various testimonies of those who have built Devil May Cry 5 and they did return the series to the maximum brightness on the screens today. The basic idea was, simply, to create an action game that you were playing well, that was funny and can provide good feelings.

From there, the main challenges were represented by the need to be an action pure, connected to the tradition of Devil May Cry but at the same time original and able to draw out an emotional response in the players of 2019. This mixture of creativity, affinity to the classical tradition and technological innovation has been long studied by Capcom, as reported by the developers in this interesting video diary.

Devil May Cry 5, he strongly believes that everyone, including Aligi Comandini in his review, although he did discuss the recent censorship of the version PS4.

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