Beat Saber : the game has made dance more than a million people, a very nice score

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Released in may 2018 on a PC, and five months later on PlayStation 4, Beat Saber was undeniably one of the excellent surprises of the past year. With a concept great – a interact in pace with its environment using swords virtual, all immersed in a VR helmet – we were the first, seduced him and had assigned the pretty note of 17/20. Good news for the small studio Hyperbolic Magnetism, the success was not only critical but also commercial, as we learn that the title has sold over a million copies.

There is never enough great news in one day! 🎉 1 million sold copies is absolutely astonishing number for a VR game coming from a small indie studio. Now, we know it’s possible and we’ll keep pushing boundaries of VR even further.

Thank you players for your love & support. ❤️

— Beat Saber (@BeatSaber) march 14, 2019

A nice score which should largely encourage developers to maintain their baby on the period. Besides, its follow-up is already on the agenda as a first pack music additional just published, straight from the label’s canadian Monstercat. Tracks frankly nice exploring even a few parts of the Bass Music that we highly recommend.


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