Apex Legends: players are asking to implement a region lock on China to block the cheater

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Apex Legends is the multiplayer game of the moment, and how often this leads to unpleasant consequences such as the exponential increase in the number of cheater and elements of disturbance for the honest players, that some see come from China.

With the increase in popularity for the Apex Legends, which has recently passed the 50 million players, the problems of the cheat, and derivatives of course are amplified and seem to come especially from the asian area, or at least this is how they detect several players. Respawn has already made the ban of mass on the 350,000 users found to be using methods of cheating since the game’s launch today, but this has not stopped the phenomenon.

According to some users, who have given effect to the request of FreshmeatOW on Reddit, the ideal solution from Respawn it would make a closure which is specifically dedicated to users in china. In practice, this user would need a region lock dedicated to China, in order to keep the public of this country apart from all others.

It goes without saying that the idea behind this is, simply, that all the problems of cheating, derive almost exclusively from China, therefore, his removal from matchmaking global would solve the problems at all other, consequently leaving the chinese players who are not using the cheat at the mercy of chaos, in the case in which this theory was true. This is, of course, a certain simplification of the phenomenon, although it is also true that, according to the developers themselves, the 99% of the accounts banned from PUBG in the last summer came from the chinese territory.


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