Apex Legends, other clues on the arrival of the Titan from Titanfall

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It is not the first time you speak to the possible inclusion, in some form, the Titan inside of Apex Legends, the latter being, in the end, a spin-off of Titanfall.

Time ago there were indications on the possibility that some of the characteristics typical of the series, Respawn could make their entry inside of Apex Legends, in this case, Titan and wall running, but now that support the theory about the arrival of the giant robots from combat, there are also documents audio, apparently. As reported by GamingIntel, a leak has revealed the two audio files that make precise reference to the presence of the Titan inside of Apex Legends, perhaps through the next update to the game.

Both the audio files that relate to fragments of dialogue on the part of the artificial intelligence that acts as a guide in the game: the first is “Caution: Titanfall approaching batttlefield”, or “caution: Titanfall arriving on the field of battle”, and refers to the case in which a Titan might be invoked by an opponent. However, when the robot is invoked by the player himself, the voice of the IA refers to the now historic phrase “Standby for Titanfall”. Were also found in sentences that seem to be reported by the fighters, always relating to the presence or the removal of Titan on the field of battle.

Finally, from the same group leak also shows the possible arrival of the rocket launcher as a weapon, to add to the arsenal already available in Apex Legends. In any case, it is always rumors, of which we await any developments. In the meantime, he has appeared in these days is the Battle Pass of the game.


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