With the review of theACER NITRO XV273K let’s talk about monitor 4k at 144hz, but with the particularity that this time the price is much lower than the one of the first panels, equipped with these features. We’re still talking about 999 euros for a 27-inch IPS LED 4 milliseconds of response, but we are also in front of a turning point for Ultra HD, although constrained to some compromise as the surrender of a Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) and the need to use both the DisplayPort to get 144Hz in 4K resolution. The monitor ACER has some very interesting features that help the generous size and the high refresh rate to make the price even more digestible.

Acer Nitro Xv273K J6Sfq1A

High specification at a more reasonable price, with which to compromiseThe ACER NITRO XV273K does not arrive at the luxurious star of the PREDATOR X27 but we are not to miss the stand with a sturdy, wide margins of manoeuvre to steer or lift the panel, backlight, and a beautiful rugged and a stylish base, with two long blades of metal that bring the total weight to 6,59 Kg and ensures a faultless stability. All topped off by the inevitable combination of stick and buttons, which are, as in all the ACER high-end, in the bottom right on the back of the screen. Pity that the response of the menu is far from flawless but what matters is the content, which allows us to reduce the response time compensating for with the most effective technology Visual Response Boost. And among the options, in addition to the aim point and the overdrive, there is the aforementioned HDR, unfortunately, in the absence of technology FALD limited to a boost to the lighting, but still be able to guarantee an increase in the coverage of the color space, and to increase a brightness that overcomes the 500Nits also in the SDR, overcoming the 400Nits declared by ACER. Although it is not a true HDR, therefore, ensures, however, improvements are potentially useful, which unfortunately are not available at 144Hz or with FreeSync/G-Sync enabled, which is something to take into account talking to a monitor in thousand of euro, from which we expect a certain standard in terms of versatility and longevity. The games that benefit, however, are difficult to run at 144 frames per second in Ultra HD, while those that come to us, as in the case of the securities arena, suffer less from the effects of this sacrifice. And it is a sacrifice by the relative weight, in view of the specific good and the factory settings excellent monitor that ensures vivid colors and reach a coverage of the sRGB color space of 125% of the DCI-P3 of 90%. The native contrast of the ACER monitors, among other things, is greater than that of 1000:1 stated , although, it must be said, does not reach the 1200:1, and in addition placed in the field from other models. In addition, the anti-glare is not perfect, the best of the IPS of the old data, but lower than that of some of the panels are modern. And, among other things, if the angle of vision horizontal is good, vertical is not great, but it is a defect in the secondary, difficult to detect less than particular situations.

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The strengths of a monitor 4K that looks at competitive gamingThe ACER NITRO XV273K, we repeat, has recourse to some compromises to cut the price and these include the use of a panel 8-bit + FRC to simulate 10-bit. In addition, the waiver of the Full Array Local Dimming, which if nothing else, it removes the need for a cooling fan, and hence any noise, not only impacts on the effective operation of the HDR, but also affects the uniformity of the backlight, which in the case of the sample tested by us is also marked by some phenomenon of backlight bleeding on the top of the screen. But when we are in motion pictures, the yield is great, the glowing is contained and the savings is net even if we are talking about a monitor the purchase of which, facing panels 1440p higher for some features and definitely more economical, and has a sense only aiming at 4K at 120 or 144Hz. But when they enter in the field of these characteristics, the XV273K has a price-to-performance excellent, ensuring an option for Ultra HD suitable to competitive gaming. The response time actual, in fact, are quite good, thanks to input lag overall average lower than that of the more expensive models of the same type. And it is possible to reduce it further by activating the Visual Response Boost thanks to the backlight strobing compensates for the artifacts, allowing the panel to arrive, in extreme mode, at a starting value of a millisecond-time response while maintaining an excellent quality of the image. Of course, by so doing, the brightness drops to about 100Nits, but this is a setting that is reserved to the competitive gaming , and easily can be turned off in all other cases. In addition to the monitor, ACER has another feature important look for a monitor FreeSync, with a range of vertical refresh between 40 hz and 144Hz, that will also figure in the list of monitors compatible with the technology G-Sync, which makes it even more interesting interesting because it increases versatility and longevity. All seasoned with a sensor for automatic brightness visible on the top of the frame, hood removable, two cabinets, 4W, which is inevitably limited in terms of bass, but comfortable in some situations and two HDMI ports 2.0 that flank the two entrances DisplayPort 1.4 and 4 USB 3.0 two easily accessible on the left side of the panel.

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