Conan Unconquered is a real-time strategy with strong elements of survival, set in the universe was born from the pen of Robert E. Howard. As promised, after Conan Story FunCom has decided to expand the franchise by using it for different genres, so as to vary the offer. In this case, the development was entrusted to specialists of Petroglyph, who worked, among others, Star Wars: Empire at War, Universe at War, and Grey Goo, all RTS.

The source of main inspiration of Conan Unconquered is, no big mysteries, They Are Billions of Numantian Games, which is also mentioned in the official materials. The main objective is to build outposts with walls and other defensive structures to protect themselves from the attacks of hordes of increasingly powerful enemies. In the while you should be able to collect and manage the resources on the map, so it does not remain dry during the toughest times, and in such a way as to allow a constant development of our faction, so to be able to face more powerful enemies, including big boss, able to undermine all our hard work, both at the level of structures built of units generated.

The interview with PetroglyphRecently Petroglyph and FunCom have released the first video gameplay of Conan Unconquered, which shows a gameplay from the frantic pace, focused on the production of troops and the use of powerful units, heroes, the only ones able to lead the armies of the player against the brutal hordes of fantasy creatures that you will face. To learn more we asked a few questions to the developers of Petroglyph, as well as to clarify some fundamental aspects of the game, in particular those relating to the scenarios of the single player and co-op games.

Conan Unconquered 1

Let’s talk about the concept of Conan Unconquered: why a real-time strategy? The opportunity to play a species They Are Billions in the world of Conan seems to be wonderful. How was the idea?
Initially we liked the idea of a real-time strategy with elements of survival, but we wondered how it would be with a setting of most fantasy, where to put to the test a base’s walls, there would have been creatures, and magic. Initially our prototype was based on a fantasy generic, until it came FunCom to suggest that we use the intellectual property of Conan. From that moment, all the pieces are gone to their place alone: we had the bestiary and the heroes of the universe of Conan that we could adapt the original concept and from there we started.

Can we talk about the main campaign? Will be linear or will the player be able to choose between several bifurcations?
In reality, there will be a campaign in the true sense, at least not in the sense that usually you assign talking about a real-time strategy. We created five scenarios that introduce you to the mechanics of the game progressively, on paths more and more difficult. Complete it should put the player in the conditions of the deal with the custom battles, which can be modified through the many options that let you tailor the games to suit your tastes and the time you have available.

Conan Unconquered 2

The scenarios of the single player will be tied to a story? If the answer is yes, this will be inspired by the works of Robert E. Howard? Or will it be completely new, i.e., specially written for the game?
Conan Unconquered is inspired from the story ” Black Colossus Robert E. Howard. Most of the units that you will face are taken directly from there, including Thugra Khotan, the main antagonist. The setting of the desert is the region of Khoraja and the lands to the south.

Scenarios will be identical (same missions, same objectives, and so on) in single player and in co-op? Or will there be different? There will be a mode exclusive to play co-op?
The scenarios are designed to play alone, since they serve more as an introduction to the game as a campaign. The custom games are the same playing alone or in co-op, even if the co-op has specific rules. For example, in the cooperative all the resources generated with the passage of time are shared, as well as technologies that are unlocked.

Conan Unconquered 5

Speaking of Legendary Heroes, who are described as “units incredibly powerful that they can influence in a decisive way the results of the battles, we would like to ask you if in Conan Unconquered there will be role-playing elements. The Heroes will progress with the player?
In Conan Unconquered all units can achieve Veteran; the normal units can level up once, while the heroes grow to five levels. Each level increases the health and damage caused. In addition, the first level Veteran got every hero unlocks a unique ability that can be activated, which becomes the most powerful level after level. In addition to this, the powerful boss monsters called Guardians drop of the powerful artifacts that can be equipped by heroes (each hero can equipaggiarne a maximum of two) and guarantee of the other abilities can be activated, or other effects.Conan, who will be the other Legendary Heroes?
The other two heroes, Conan Unconquered, will be Valeria and Kalanthes. Everyone has their own style of game and a unique ability.

You have planned expansions or DLC for Conan Unconquered? The game will have a similar support to that received by the Conan Story?
We have some ideas on additional content, but for now we are fully focused on developing the main game for the players.