Starting from march 12, players of Fallout 76 will be able to produce their own alcoholic beverages. In short, West Virginia will become a place much more cheerful and carefree. To reveal it was an article Inside the Vault, that also explained the functioning of the entire system.

The update will introduce the robot Biv in the world of Fallout 76, which will give the player a new mission called ‘Fear and loathing with Nuka-Shine’. By supplementing the players will get the project of a station of the glass with all the necessary equipment to prepare alcoholic drinks, with effects that vary depending on the aging. The preparation of alcohol will require you to have the right recipes, can be obtained by doing the daily quests assigned by Biv.

Here is a partial list of beverages that you can prepare in the Station of the Glass-Fallout 76:

Spirits and wine require fermentation to give the best of their effects, how to drink “fresh”. If it passes a certain period of time, however, from “fresh” will become “vintage”, with additional effects that are even more powerful. Here’s what the liquor known as Whiskey Fireworks:

Effect of “Fresh”: All melee attacks cause a spontaneous combustion, damaging the character and his enemies.
“Vintage” effect: In addition to the effect of “Cool”, the Whiskey Fireworks display sets fire to the enemy by attacks of ballistic or melee.

The beers require fermentation, but they are best fresh and do not have a status of “vintage”. A glass ice cream Luppoloppio makes anyone a predator unstoppable:

Effect of “Fresh” Improves the stability of aiming and damage against animals, but reduces the precision S. P. A. V.

The mixed drinks require fermentation and their effects do not change. Scolandosi a Tequila Sunrise Blood of the brand, the appetite will soon be satiated.

Effects: melee attacks are brought to the sign may cause a disease to the character, but also fill the hunger bar.