Today Square Enix has released a new gameplay video of Left Alive. The sequences of the gameplay are accompanied by the commentary of game director Toshifumi That.

In the movie, lasting over twelve minutes, further details are provided on the various skills and tactics that players must use to increase your chances of winning. Even though some battles may seem impossible at the first attempt, players can find new paths, create traps and weapons useful, or use those of the enemy to your advantage to save the trapped civilians on the field of battle.

In our preview of Left Alive, Thomas Pugliese wrote: “Left Alive try the way of the action genre stealth relying on an charming setting and putting at disposal three different characters, each with their own story and motivations for all to discover.

The gameplay looks solid, but that is not the case: the authors of the game were inspired by, clearly to the mechanics and even to the atmosphere of Metal Gear Solid, introducing some new features (the choices, the forks) but the risk in some circumstances to sequences that are not precisely convincing. Square Enix Left Alive seem, therefore, have decided to take a road impassable, but the outcome of this trip we will be able to judge it only in a few days.”

Left Alive will be available on PC and PS4 starting from the 5th of march. Players can pre-order the Mech Edition, sold exclusively on the Store of Square Enix. This edition includes the DLC “Survival Pack”, an artbook of 80 pages with a hard cover, a Steelbook exclusive with the design of the mech Yoji Shinkawa, and Takayuki Yanase, in addition to the exclusive action figures of the VOLK, created by Takayuki Yanase, with accessories, weapons and hands are interchangeable.