The Season 8 of Fortnite is officially available on all platforms of the game: you just download the new full-bodied update and then go right back to playing. After having carefully considered the news for Real Battle, the time has come to pay a lot of attention to the Creative Mode, that together to Save the World closes the trio of the possibilities offered by the title of Epic Games.
The many news of Season 8 of Fortnite for Real Battle are accompanied by interesting changes also for Creative Mode: first, you’ll be happy to know that finally, Epic Games has introduced the voice chat, which can be activated via the relevant option in the menu of the game on their island. “Share a single channel in the Creative mode, regardless of the team, and then choose who to chat while playing,” reads the description of the feature.
From the point of view of content, Epic Games has introduced in the already rich editor in the Creative Mode of Fortnite, the new Theme of the Temple of the jungle: “Create deadly traps, and adventure games rich evidence exciting using the new prefabricated Temple of the jungle”. Clearly the style is based on the respective locations added to the map of the game Fortnite Battle Royal; last of all the playgrounds have been improved by transferring them to the Creative mode, and allowing an even greater number of friends to join in the fun.

Fortnite Stagione 8 Modalita Creativa 1