Perhaps not everyone knows that Steam, in addition to permit the purchase of video games in digital, has in his catalogue, a certain amount of content and video, including documentaries and short films, which, however, will be progressively removed.

This is a paid product for free, especially documentaries but also short films and small productions, and open that Valve has placed in Steam catalog with the idea of expanding the boundaries and characteristics, moving thus towards the multimedia. However, it seems that the initiative has not been very successful, and Valve has decided to remove the section in question. “In recent years, we have worked to expand Steam beyond games and software, building a video platform that supports paid content and free”, reads the communication of Steam, “and Reviewing what the users of Steam use in an active way, it has become clear that we should focus our efforts on providing content that is directly related to video games or accessories to these”.

The Steam will remove or otherwise restrict strongly the distribution of video materials, continuing perhaps to insert in the catalog only those contents that are closely related to the world of video games.