CD Projekt RED has revealed that at present, the development team engaged in the creation of Cyberpunk 2077 is formed by more than four hundred developers.

To state this Karolina Gnaś, Investor Relations Director of the Polish studio, during an interview published by the Polish site The team shall ensure that the recent departure of creative director Sebastian Stepień, the past in the ranks of Blizzard, will have no impact on the development of the game.

In march of last year, CD Projekt had announced the opening of new offices in the city of Breslau, who went on to join the offices in Warsaw and Krakow. So to have a term of comparison, the maximum extension of the team at the time of the development of The Witcher 3 was 250 people.

For the time Cyberpunk 2077 has not been a release date. Recently, the developers have confirmed that the game will offer a wide variety of weapons and a wide freedom of action.