Resident Evil 2 is a remake extraordinary in many ways a fascinating case study. Not, of course, was easy to deal with the power of memories and nostalgia of those who, in 1998 that experience, he lived an intense and addictive, but apparently the developers of Capcom’s not averse to challenges and, indeed, the face-to-face, open, without fear, aware of their capacity. The previous ones were well-known, the rest: two years ago, Resident Evil 7 biohazard demonstrated how it was possible to revolutionise a franchise so popular and rooted in the collective imagination, even without doing so: the first-person view and the phases of the passive had tricked a lot of players, but they represented only one piece of the puzzle for a production that proved to be the most similar to the episodes of the classic how not to appear at the beginning. In the case of Resident Evil 2, however, the operation was even more complex and evocative. The assignment was, in fact, to carry the historic chapter to the present day, drawing fully the aesthetic and adopting a series of tricks that they could somehow preserve that iconic mix of gameplay woody and tension, although without delivering to the user an action from the connotations lenses and angular. Mission accomplished?

The plot and gameplayThe opening scenes of Resient Evil 2 are probably the ones that most take the distances from the original, trying to bring the remake to Capcom, in the Olympus of cinematic experiences ranging for the biggest of productions in the triple A. It’s all very enthralling: the preamble with the truck driver distracted, the premonition of the disaster that is coming on Raccoon City, the arrival of Leon Kennedy for his first day of service at the police department, and the shadow of something that is not going in the right direction already a few kilometers from the village, at a service station. The two protagonists meet by chance and decide to continue together to try to understand what is happening, but immediately after the fate divides them and they face the nightmare alone.

Resident Evil 2 4

As you probably already know, the game includes in fact four variations of the campaign in single player, with the ability to assume the role of Leon or Claire and enjoy the events from their point of view, but also appreciate the many small (and not so small) differences that make each playthrough worthy of note. Completing the campaign with Leon, we will be able to unlock the alternate history and parallel with Claire and vice versa, getting the real ending, and experimenting with a lifetime of experience prowling around twenty hours for each double playthrough, as several times in advance. It happens that for the first run-will serve between eight and nine hours at the level of difficulty intermediate, while the later are shorter basically because you already have an idea of what to do and where to go, ergo the dead time is reduced.

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It is, however, necessary to specify how Resident Evil 2 has remained in the soul a title of 1998, when the degree of the challenge medium was substantially higher compared to the current standard and the developers did not bother to put quite a bit of backtracking, even merciless (type: I survived by a miracle, the path to get some items, I don’t have much ammo, but I realize that I have to go back to the opposite side of the map because I forgot something), seen that usually this is not translated then in an average lower voting. The frustration of some sequences is, in fact, remained intact, vivid, emphasizing how they have changed the times. Of course, by this point of view, the authors have fortunately abstained from excessive wickedness. It is true, the zombies bring us a life to die even when he is in the center of the head and the knife has turned into a tool subject to wear, to be replaced occasionally if you are lucky enough to find another one, slipped off the safety to stay always with a weapon in one’s hands.

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At the same time, however, in the boss fight ammo appear magically on the map are indicated in a clear way the rooms are still unexplored and objects, in line with the last episodes of the series, and finally the inventory and mark the things that they have exhausted their function, and can thus be discarded. This last feature can be traumatic in the case of the use for the needs of reduced space, since a deleted object is lost forever, and not left on the ground, but luckily with a few upgrades of the backpack, the situation becomes more tolerable. About inventory and capacity, the game is modernized in the rescue system, which are activated at the iconic typewriters, but not in need of the notorious ink ribbons. As in the original, in the remake of Resident Evil 2 the police station of Raccoon City is placed as the unquestioned protagonist of the adventure: it is an old building, from the dark past, full of secrets to discover, and dark corridors by taking bet the flashlight, hoping that around the corner will not reach the unmistakable verses of a zombie (or, worse, the heavy footsteps of you-know-who).

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There are locations that are totally unedited, of which we do not want to anticipate anything, but in general the game recounts and revisits the chapter of 1998 changing the approach, style and direction in order to connect the various needs and mix in a solution that proves to be surprising. We said in fact of the gameplay at the same time, the old and the new: drawing great inspiration from the evolution that the franchise has experimented with Resident Evil 4, Leon and Claire can move handling the camera freely, with a camera behind you that takes advantage of every opportunity to shorten the artificial partitioning of the distances from a potential target, thus creating a sense of constant tension. It contributes in this sense also the system of aims, which buys precisely only when the weapon is stationary and does not lend itself well to the combat, in which you end up wasting a large amount of valuable ammunition. The credit of the zombies and their gait unexpected, lurching, now slow, now faster and nervously, an approach quite convincing, which makes shots to the head and more complicated than you think.

Resident Evil 2 10

The management of the knife seemed to us to be instead linked to the tradition, but all the secondary weapons (including grenades) can be exploited during the special quick time event to remove (or delete) an enemy after he has grasped, so as not to lose vital energy. Once you run out of ammo, however, becomes hard: we get to escape, and to always, without any possibility of the offensive, and this situation may continue for some time; at least until you change the scenario and move on to the second half of the campaign, which is certainly less intense in terms of atmosphere and enemies in his way more science fiction. We were worried that Capcom are not able to legitimize these steps are specific to the adventure, and instead of smudging, even from the point of view of the characterization of the characters, they seemed to be really negligible.

Resident Evil 2 27

The same can be done for the enemies: the zombies are certainly the ones most characteristic and creepy, but there are also very dangerous, licker , and other mutated creatures, so much scary as deadly. There has been a general pruning of some of the categories, have been eliminated birds and giant spiders, but the dogs remained and, unfortunately, their rendering is not the best. The boss fight draw certainly inspired by those of the original Resident Evil 2, but they, too, have been revolutionized, resulting in a fairly challenging and addictive. A word finally for the other playable characters besides Leon and Claire, the protagonists of sections short, but very interesting, ranging in stealth classic, referring to some of the more recent productions like horror, or introduce mechanical puzzle pleasant.

The structure and technical implementationWe already talked about it but it is the case of a return of the second, on the question: the four campaigns of Resident Evil 2 have some differences (mostly narrative) justifying the time required to complete them all, changing the presence of objects and changing some of the puzzles, but by presenting scenarios for the most part identical and, therefore, already stored. This type of solution should be to force things to impact the involvement, because it is clear that from the second run onwards is not taken from the same voltage in to patrol certain areas of the map, and at the same time, it is possible to complete more quickly some of the stages because you already know. That said, every completion is rewarded with interesting extras, ranging from alternate costumes for the characters true and their additional modes, in particular The 4th Survivor: it is a survival mode in which, under the command of a soldier of the Umbrella, we must try to eliminate a huge amount of enemies while being able to use equipment limited. The offer will, however, be further enriched in the future, see the announcement of the free The Ghost Survivors.

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We speak in short of a product that is fairly substantial, that will keep you occupied for several hours, stimulating your interest in a manner directly proportional to the attachment to the brand. Is beyond from any kind of nostalgic bonds the rating of a portfolio excellent technical, which, compared to the 1-shot demo seems to have kept most of the details and the quality of certain assets, avoiding almost always on show, and the next to close-ups of textures in low definition. There are lots of reflective surfaces in Resident Evil 2, and the RE Engine is able to manage them very well, aside from some artifact on the walls of the station and the use of a lower resolution for this type of effects, which is something we must, however, be the case. They have been used solutions of very sophisticated, even for a better performance of the gore, and is therefore not a case that the innards are ripped or muscle tissue exposed shine under the light of our torch.

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The realization of the scenarios is excellent, with a peak in the first half of the campaign and the introduction of asset decidedly more generic in the second part, but the average qualitative remains very high and finds its best expression in polygonal models, whether they be the protagonists or of the zombies, equipped with a set of animations, particularly rich, can return different responses, and credible depending on the shot immediately and the damaged body part. The fund sound is also powerful, with a design that takes advantage in a striking manner theaudio binaural to split even more strongly the noise in the stereo panorama or surround and inform us, so that part come certain sounds. We found the dubbing in Italian very good, generally well played, with very few shortcomings: a extra very welcome.