Square Enix had anticipated that soon we will discover more details about Left Alive, one of the new titles in output in the first half of 2019 on PC and PS4.

Communicate has been the game director Toshifumi That, in a new post that is shared on Twitter. At the same time were published in the new artwork.

In the first image is depicted Mikhail Alexandrovich, one of the three main characters designed by Yoji Shinkawa (who in the past has worked on the franchise of Metal Gear). In the second post, instead, are proposed, with some sketches in the style of chibi made by the art director Yuya Ishinata.

Left Alive offers a range of game styles that blend maneuvers, stealthy and strategic, and frantic battles to gun shots and meetings adrenaline with troops armed to the teeth, armored vehicles and mechs impressive.

Collectors will be able to purchase the Mech Edition available in limited quantities, which can already be pre-ordered exclusively on the Square Enix Store. In addition to a box collection the pack includes an action figure of the VOLK created by Takayuki Yanase, an artbook with hard cover, 80-page packaging Steelbook exclusive. Remember that you Left Alive will make its debut on 5 march 2019.

“ULTIMATE EDITION”に同梱されるアートブックのサンプルをご紹介。

数量限定生産となりますのでお早めにご予約ください。#LEFTALIVE #レフトアライヴ pic.twitter.com/HulN42F8My

— LEFT ALIVE (@leftalive_jp) 30 December 2018 アートディレクターの石幡さんに、LEFT ALIVEの主役3人をデフォルメしたらどうなる?とお願いして描いてもらった(左から時計回りで)オリガ、レオニード、ミハイルです。それぞれの特徴がしっかり出ている贅沢イラストです。
#LEFTALIVE #レフトアライヴ pic.twitter.com/lzcu31ccF0

— LEFT ALIVE (@leftalive_jp) 2 January 2019