The challenges of Fortnite of Week 5 of Season 7 are online for a few minutes and interested players to complete them quickly and easily are of course many. So here’s a little help: in this guide we will show you how to complete in a hurry to Dance in the top of a water tower, the first step of a new Challenge to the process of Fortnite.
For complete Bale in the top of a water tower will of course have to find a water tower, get on top and throw a ballet / emote among the many of your cabinet Fortnite. Nothing too complex, especially compared to the other challenges of the Week 5 of Season 7; the Water Tower you are looking for is this one here below, in practice, the image that we show you.

Fortnite Balla Cima Torre Idrica 3

To complete the mission, simply land above (or get to it from the earth by building structures) and dancing, of course being careful of the opponents present. The water tower of the mission Dancing on top of a water tower is located in the Course of Trade, in the area south east of the city of Fortnite. Here is the exact location.

Fortnite Balla Cima Torre Idrica 1

Fortnite Balla Cima Torre Idrica 2