Developers Epic Games are of course on vacation for the christmas holiday, likely to return to work at full pace only in the first days of January 2019: but this is not to say that they have thought of everything to make sure that Fortnite will continue to receive new updates.
At the time of writing has only just been launched the new Content Update 7.10 to Fortnite: it is the second of three planned by the end of the holidays, and introduces a good amount of new content interesting, already revealed some time ago by dataminer. The first of these is, of course, the Portable Stereo, the object of the unpublished game to Real Battle.
The Portable Stereo will be able to damage enemy structures within a large area, simply turn it on to make lethal its devastating effects: “we hope that doesn’t contribute to tip the balance further in the main game modes, as already happened recently with the Sword Infinity Blade. Of course, it will be possible to shoot at the stereo in order to destroy it and stop the effects.
The second update to the content of Fortnite also introduces new themes and 8 prefabricated for the creative mode, including the Castle of Ice; and finally, to Save the World arrive weapons previously unseen in the in-game shop, including the assault Rifle sore and the Sword, the Tree of light.

Fortnite Aggiornamento Contenuto Modalita Creativa 1