Keiichiro Toyama is a very talented man. Very, even, since it has several emblematic sagas of the video game, starting with the first episode of Silent Hill, the franchise Forbidden Siren, or, more recently, the two opus excellent Gravity Rush. However, you are not without knowing that the video game industry is no gift and, unfortunately for the japanese, his last title at the concept of anti-gravitational was not sold as he hoped, and even worse, as he deserved. So, the developer has experienced some lack of motivation, until regaining hope after being energized, to its community as reported in the famous magazine Famitsu, who has had the good idea to do mini-interviews of different actors of the community about 2019 (moreover, they revealed yesterday of new information on Final Fantasy VII Remake).

Key word for 2019 : “Comeback”
“Although I have not really thought of, 2018 year was troubling, given the things that do not happen as planned. We had the opportunity to talk with the fans of Siren during the exhibition 15 years of the series that I’ve been able to find again the motivation to make games in the future, as well as serious tracks. In 2019, I want to turn a new page and from the best foot possible with the greatest energy !

And it is all the evil we wish him. But what project Toyama could it work well ? A new episode of the terrifying saga Siren, a third Gravity Rush or a franchise completely new ? Whatever it is, we can only encourage it and take our evil in patience to see what it returns.