As had been widely anticipated, today the seasonal event of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on the PlayStation 4, which Operation is Absolute Zero, also coming on PC and Xbox One next week.

Operation Absolute Zero offers several new content and updates to the game in all modes, including a new Specialist, a new map and a new vehicle for the Blackout, a special event, festive theme, accessories and items for customization, new weapons, and much more. Operation Absolute Zero includes a complete list of new free content, including:

  • A New Specialist – The players can reprogram the flow of combat with Zero, a new Specialist available in the Multiplayer mode is a Blackout. Zero can destroy and distract the enemies with powerful hacking tools, changing the course of the battle
  • The new setting , and updates for Blackout – Hijacked is the new target of Blackout, inspired by the intense map classic multiplayer Call of Dutyƒ: Black Ops II. Fans can loot the luxury yacht to prepare for a fire fight, and fight opponents to the final round. In addition, players can jump onto a new armoured vehicle called ARAV once back on the mainland and eliminate the enemies with the machine gun mounted on the turret
  • New festive event – After the Operation, Absolute Zero, the holidays will arrive in the Blackout with special seasonal events, themed decorations for the maps, and also snowballs you can throw in Blackout and allow players to organize an attack on the festive of their enemies
  • New updates for Zombies – The Daily Calls offer new challenges to the game that reward players of Zombies with bonus xp and Nebulium Plasma at the completion, the system Black Ops Authenticity Stamp gives players the chance to test and share the results of their online game with a custom code generated at the end of each game, along with the Daily Tier Skips for Zombies that allows players to earn bonuses for the progression of the level of the the Black Market playing Zombies every day

In addition to the free content of Operation Absolute Zero, those who have the Black Ops Pass will get access to the first drop of content, available as a preview on the PlayStation 4:

  • The new Multiplayer Map, Elevation – a map of medium size set in a town in the mountains of Nepal. Elevation has winding roads that meander around the vertical positions where the players will battle through the interior up-close, narrow,
  • The new Multiplayer Map, Madagascar – A larger map is located on a plateau in rural Madagascar; the city is located in the top of a hill where a convoy carrying medical aid was involved in an ambush. It is surrounded by roads with different natural environments and hiding places for the players that seek to dominate the hill
  • New Experience with Zombies, Dead of the Night – This brand-new experience with the not-dead is set in 1912 and drops the players in an estate luxurious property of the famous hunter of relics Alistair Rhodes, where you will enter in the role of a new series of characters. As the unlikely group of heroes will begin to work together, they will be equipped with brand new weapons to fight the mysterious force that has taken over. Players face a variety of Zombies, including new enemies like vampires and werewolves, and much, much more, to survive the night from a nightmare. Dead of the Night is played by a cast of iconic actors who lend their voice and their likeness to the game: Madame Mirela (Helena Bonham Carter), Gideon Jones (Kiefer Sutherland), “The Brigadier” (Brian Blessed) and the Butler, Godfrey (Charles Dance)
  • New Character Blackout, Reaper – owners of the
  • Black Ops Pass get instant access to the mercenary, the cyborg Reaper, a Specialist beloved by fans of Black Ops III, now coming to the Blackout

“Operation Absolute Zero is a great celebration for the community, and demonstrates our commitment to make Black Ops 4 the game most supported in the history of our studio,” said Dan Bunting, Co-Studio Head, Treyarch. “With Operation Absolute Zero, we are giving lots of new content to the whole community and also distributing updates to the whole field of the game that are directly inspired by the community feedback received since the launch of the game”.

“Blackout, we knew that regular updates post-launch would have been essential to keep alive and always evolving, the world of the game,” said Mark Gordon, Co-Studio Head, Treyarch. “From the beginning of the beta in September, we have continuously used a combination of telemetry of the game and the feedback of the players to balance the game experience and keep the fun. With Operation Absolute Zero, we are making some changes to the Blackout and we know that fans will appreciate, including a new destination, and the first new vehicle of the map, which is a land-based vehicle armored with a machine gun turret. We are very happy to take this journey with our community: this is only the beginning.”

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