The arrival of Origins, and the Odyssey has broken the fanbase of Assassin’s Creed: on one side are the purists, who consider the change of the direction of Ubisoft heresy and call for a return to the old formula, and on the other, those who see of good eye the transformation of the series and consider the hybridization with other genres a great way to continue to evolve it. Whatever your position, however, both the Odyssey that Kaito managed to convince a large portion of critics and audiences, significantly expanding the vision of the series and allowing you to apply different find unexpected (but not unexplored, as the fusion of mechanical remains somewhat derivative). Odyssey, in particular, seems to be the better of the two, with its propensity to excess and the desire to bring to the limit the possibilities related to the background created by the French giant. With this chapter, however, a new problem arose: his willingness to deviate from the original vision, to give life to new experiments and has led to some distortions of narrative – that we’re not going to spoil, don’t be afraid – and in a departure from the mythology of the bottom of the mark, where Origins and sought to follow for the most part to that script. Ubisoft has therefore thought well to take advantage of the DLC to make a significant detour, and re-entered into the world of the Odyssey items directly related to the assassins. This first expansion narrative is called the Inheritance of The First Blade and we were in the offices of the Italian house to review her very first chapter.

Love me or not love me. Blade or no blade.The focus of this partial return to the origin is Darius, the assassin of the famous Persian king Xerxes , and the first to use the iconic hidden blade, and then retroactively inserted into the confraternity (also because at the time of the Odyssey, the conflict, the templars/assassins did not exist). It is undoubtedly a clever diversion, which in the timeline of Alexios and Cassandra , it makes perfect sense from a chronological point of view; however, we cannot say the same for its application, because everything seems to have been selected more for show than for an actual contribution to the narrative background, and considering the nature atypical of the plot of the Odyssey doesn’t add anything interesting to the story. Sure, it’s only the first episode, and we are fully aware of it, but like beginning is undoubtedly, is flabby, has a questline in the main fairly short, and outside of a couple of choices that could have interesting repercussions for the future of us are involved in very little. The writers of Ubisoft have to do better than this to capture us, in the next chapters.


In “Prey“, this is the name of the first part of the adventure, if for no other developers have tried to deliver a package rather varied at the level of the quest dealt with. The main missions stick to the basics with a typical series of clashes in alternating phases of investigation, where the highest points are a couple of meetings with the boss , on average, been successful; the secondary, however, are a good amount and cover the many archetypes seen in the main campaign, including naval battles. Sure, you could definitely do more, and if you are looking for “new” experiences, not here – the same boss fight have the flavor of more powerful versions of the fighting against the bounty hunters – but if nothing else, the software house responsible is committed to not addressing fully the first phase of the history of Darius toward a single type of tasks.

Old, unpleasant, knowledgeThe problems the most serious, indeed, are congenital that related to the package itself. This is certainly not the factors that can ruin the whole experience so massive, we would like to emphasise, yet they continue to annoy you, especially within the missions clearly outlined in the map of the game. Let’s make a more concrete example: remember the annoying tendency of the bounty hunters to camp out at the sites of difficult battles, making them magically obstacles almost insurmountable? Well, it happened multiple times to have one of these funny guys between the feet, because members of the cult on the hunt for Darius, and his son have a value similar to that of the order (they appear in a table, similar, as targets addressed), and attack them in the vicinity of a hunter, means to automatically activate a cut. Pay them in advance can limit the problem, but it can happen with a good chance of seeing them give a hand to the boss, creating situations that are really unpleasant (one of our colleagues has caught even three at the same time, which is saying something).


That a similar problem has not yet been resolved with a simple “deviation” of the pattern of theartificial intelligence of the hunters during certain specific events, leaves us perplexed, and we would have certainly liked them very much and filings to the flaws of this type in the patch parallel to the arrival of the first DLC, considering that already brings more than a valid change to the game. The opportunity to make other changes, however, was not exploited, and the first chapter of theInheritance of the First Blade is then just an extra content is weak, that will need a serious surge in the qualitative, from every point of view – from the narrative to the added level of gameplay and structure – to be able to convince us. We hope that we will repent of with the next few episodes: the opportunities are there for sure.