The recovery of the old glories is a widespread practice in the world of video games and what we do not surprising at all. The great classics, thanks to a glorious history that often includes a variety of sequel, you don’t need to advertise and do not require the investment that is necessary to create a remake or, what is even more burdensome, a title all over again. But in the face of the so-called remaster, revival that recover faithfully a classic to make it fully accessible on the technologies of today, the software house, you bear a huge responsibility, risking the lynch mob, the media is meant, by those who keep the original as a treasured keepsake and important of his career games. And it’s a reaction is understandable, especially when you find yourself facing commercial plans awkward that we propose re-release unnecessary in price and often exaggerated. But sometimes the work behind the re-release is admirable, and succeeds in the goal of updating the classic, unrivaled that deserve to be recovered, rigiocati or discovered by the new generations. In the case of PlayStation, we have already seen it happen with Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, Resident Evil HD and with Spyro Reignited Trilogy, but the lineup of the first Sony console, the output is now 24 years ago, boasts a number of classic, so by having created some difficulties during the choice of the editions that we would like to see on the PlayStation and in the future.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy 8

From the golden age of Konami to the birth of KainWe do not have any intention to produce a ranking, but the first place belongs without any doubt to Metal Gear Solid, a true cult classic, released in 1998, and strong of 6 million copies sold on the first PlayStation. Important numbers, sufficient to justify the publication of new content, already included in the re-edition-PC-2000, and enough to push Konami to make a remake of the incredible action-stealth, which in 2004 brought the title to the machines Nintendo, where the series originated with the Metal Gear of 1987. But Metal Gear Solid remains a symbol of the first PlayStation, a title full of found brilliant, would go back to playing with a lot of pleasure, with a remaster at the height of a title of this genre. Something, this, that we can say with a high voice, even for Silent Hill, a masterpiece by Konami that is distinct in the landscape of survival horror, aiming strongly on the psychological element, which is the cornerstone of an eerie atmosphere that has made it a cult absolute for many. Curiously, the second and the third chapter, released on the PlayStation 2, had a re-release in HD, and it’s a shame and a gap in the absence of a remaster is dedicated to the chapter the original. Not to mention that we are talking about a re-release that might be received with more enthusiasm than others, saw the bitter taste left in the mouth to fans of the series from the Downpour and from the deletion of Silent Hills. An unpleasant sensation, without a doubt shared by the fans of Legacy of Kain games, another series started in 1996 on PlayStation-Blood Omen, an action strong mechanical and atmospheres that has earned a large group of followers. Unfortunately, the precious treasure created by Silicon Knights, the same Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, was dissolved of chapter in chapter, evaporating with Defiance and falling finally before the announcement, and then with the cancellation of Kain: a MOBA of little interest to fans of the original formula. And to say that a few years before someone tried to recover the spirit of the brand Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, an ambitious, later taken over by Climax Studios, but the development stopped in 2012, when the only information available were still rumors, all to be confirmed. We are feeding then big hopes for the future of the series, but we would not mind to see celebrated, at least in the beginning, with a remaster that would make it about a series that would have deserved a fate less disastrous.

Metal Gear Solid

Between experimentation and breathtaking viewsAmong the pearls of the glorious PlayStation is impossible not to mention Resident Evil, another demonstration of how much it can weigh an exclusive time when a console stands out compared to the competition. The version released in 1996 on the first game machine Sony has sold well more than the other, so as to receive the everlasting tribute to the legions of players as well as two special editions. But Resident Evil, we know, is already back in a HD version in 2015, and much will be enough for us, even if the re-release is based on the GameCube of 2002. But we still have to mention the classic Capcom to be able to call on his godson, a title that it has earned the cult status by mixing with highly effective survival horror and dinosaurs. This is in fact the focus of Dino Crisis, a title which, although related to Resident Evil managed to say and he did it from the point of view of technology, with deadly foes, and a graphics engine capable of rendering 3D environments able to push it to the limit the hardware of the PlayStation. Sure, nowadays the graphics engine of the title, Capcom will have nothing more to say, so much to make us lean more to a remake or a reboot, but we may be content with the re-release capable of recover the particular atmosphere. And it is always the last to guide us to Parasite Eve, a product of great emotional impact, derived in part from the plot based on the novel by Hideaki Sena, which preserves the spirit of the survival horror of its inspiration but changes in the gameplay, taking us into the world of role games which in this case mix the classical setting the japanese to encounters with weapons from a different scope and with the dodges. And it is this particular system of combat that is a bridge to Vagrant Story, another role-playing game with action that deserves without any doubt a re-release. Balanced in gameplay and in life, the masterpiece by Squaresoft is one of those titles where pieces from the nineties such as Hironobu Sakaguchi and Start Matsuno gave his best, combining puzzles, dungeons, and over two hours of cut-scenes, great quality. And it is also to make the most of these last, made with a game engine that is now old, that a new edition be done well, could find a way, going to replace the version that was released in 2009 on PlayStation Network, followed by that of the Parasite Eve become available in 2011, and that does not make honor to the splendid title by SquareSoft.

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A treasure chest of unforgettable masterpiecesThe list of titles associated with the PlayStation deserving of a review is immeasurable, especially when it comes to role-playing games and action games. The library of the Sony console includes exclusive absolute as Chrono Cross, Syphon Filter, and Xenogears that have allowed it to impose itself on the competition and are the backbone of a lineup that has allowed the PlayStation to overcome the threshold of a hundred million machines sold. But this is not the case of fossilizzarci on two genres, although the most representative. In the field of tactical find Final Fantasy: Tactics and Vandal Hearts, both memorable, and there are also shoot ‘ em up worthy as Eihander, a title that is imposed due to a lack of competition but, that is without a doubt enjoyable regardless. And there is some racing that, while based in good part on the technical component, which makes it a possible remaster more complex and costly , can boast of unique characteristics. Twisted Metal, to make a name, it came out in 1995, at the dawn of the modern three-dimensional graphics, but it has without a doubt left their mark, enough to earn several sequels, one of which, Twisted Metal: Black 2001, has reached levels that are dizzying in the field of fighting games on wheels. But the original appeal, the distinctive, enough to make us think of a re-release although the evolution in the field of driving games it often renders obsolete a title in a short time. But when the recipe is close to perfection, the technology recedes into the background. And this is also true for Crash Team Racing that may not be on the road to a re-release, hopefully followed directly by Naughty Dog, perhaps, for the twenty years of 2019. Not cherish many hopes, changing genre, for a re-release of Bushido Blade, which is a real shame. Strong of a unique gameplay, and resumed later also by the following direct and Kengo: Master of Bushido, the fighting game targato Light Weight is still a little masterpiece, a title capable of synthesizing the fight in a few moments, without sacrificing the complexity that includes arenas with more than one elevation, a wound system, the localized, the weight of the weapons and several other variables. Let’s talk about a fighting game, really unique, that even now, with a reissue of a simple yet obviously cared for, could say its in a landscape that lacks the variety for a long time.

I classici PlayStation che vorremmo rimasterizzati