SBK Team Manager tries to propose a managerial experience based on the world Superbike championship, designed specifically for mobile devices: an interesting idea, if we consider how the touch screen lends itself well to this type of applications. You start the game, one immediately has the sensation of being in front of a product designed to be simple and immediate, and, in fact, those flashes of thickness that you can see during the championship seem in fact to conceal the solutions generally random, that does not change the cards on the table, whatever the approach. Our goal is to take in hand a team, hire a pilot and the members of the staff, and then deal with an entire career trying to progressively improve the performance of the team on the track.

Sbk Team Maanager 2

This also means to invest where necessary, but always be careful not to overspend the budget, guaranteed by a generous initial investment by the inevitable sponsor, we will reward time in the time in which we can get results in line with their expectations. The interface is quite clear and readable, but the solutions adopted betray a vein almost amateur, focusing only on practicality. After the operations related to the development of the bike, which requires more rounds for the possible arrival of new components, it is therefore possible to tackle the race weekends in their entirety, or to simulate the race and settle for the result obtained in this way. The problem, as we will discover soon, is that at the end of the accounts to engage in, and follow the various steps in a direct manner does not necessarily produce better outcomes, and it is here that falls in the proverbial ass.

Gameplay and techniqueThe developers of the SBK Team Manager have developed a series of simple minigame to represent in any way the free practice and qualifying: in the first case you have to drag in the three slot some of the skills we have and wait a few moments for the simulation to be complete, while in the second case, you have to press the button down on the track, in the time in which the concentration of the pilot is high but there is little traffic on the circuit. Obtained a position on the grid, as already said, we will be able to choose whether to settle for an immediate simulation of the event or to follow all the phases of managing the race through a series of commands, trying to snatch a few points but by increasing substantially the risk of a fall, and to frustrate in this way, all the work done previously.

Sbk Team Maanager 3

The simulation of the race is visually very modest, and this, unfortunately, does not affect favorably on involvement, but it is interesting the way in which you can interact with your pilot through a set of commands (attack, follow, defend, neutral, etc) that change instantly the behavior (even if it requires a confirmation, which weighs down unnecessarily the action) and special abilities which allow for overtaking and minimise the risks, keep the compound of the tyre, and so on. Fast scrolling of the race is the only way to avoid pulling too much for the long, with a multiplier of up to X8, but that makes it complicated to make corrections to the flight in case of problems.

Sbk Team Maanager 1

It is exposed therefore at risk, as said, that too often are rewarded, making the practice of follow the race “live” less interesting than it would have been reasonable to expect. A disappointment for those who thought to find in this title an experience in management of complex, in short, but occasional users may appreciate the style and spend a bit of time in a pleasing manner.