It is not the first time that the community of players Fortnite thinks of new content, in-game items or weapons to be implemented inside of the Battle Royale most famous: developers of Epic Games on the contrary they have for the moment created a good relationship with the players, just consider that their feedback can make the difference between elimination or not of a new content inside of the title.
One of the latest ideas to come out of the barrel of the community of Fortnite is the Shower Shield: this is a variant of the Bonfire Comfortable, the object of the game is already present in the Battle Royale of Epic Games. The operation is very similar: while the fire pit and allows the recovery of two points of health for every second, the Shower Shield would do the same with the shield points, up to a maximum of 50 points total. Of course more players could use it at the same time.
The Shower Shield Fortnite could be taken into account by the developers of Fortnite, even as an idea to be reworked, for a very simple reason: it is so outside of the head to adapt perfectly to the spirit and the context of the Battle Royale of the moment. Doesn’t seem to you an idea so much sympathetic as valid?

Fortnite Shower Shield Community 1