Phil Spencer seems to have taken a decidedly serious consideration to the idea of enriching the portfolio of first party Microsoft, both in terms of the games that the team themselves, as is demonstrated by the simultaneous announcement of the acquisition of Ninja Theory, Undead Labs, Playground Games, Compulsion and The Initiative.

Apparently, the bill is not yet completed, and according to some sources, is reportedly preparing a coup really in effect in Redmond: as reported in these minutes by Jason Schreier to Kotaku, Microsoft is reportedly in the process of finalising in these days, the acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment. It would be an important addition to the list of the teams that are currently in force within Microsoft Game Studios, considering the blazon of the team and the skills of the developers in question, known mainly for the countless RPG of high caliber that have baked over the years.

It is, in fact, the authors of the Knights of the Republic 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, among others. According to Kotaku, which quotes three anonymous sources close to the matter, the agreement of acquisition would currently be at the “90%”, so close to closing.

Time for some wild news… Microsoft is finalizing a deal to buy the RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment, sources say:— Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) 9 October 2018