After the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, let’s talk about a possible hardware revision, this time in relation to Nintendo Switch.

The voice of the corridor it emerges from the Japanese edition of the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Nintendo is going to launch a new model arriving in the second half of 2019.
The company’s idea would be to maintain the high demand and the competitiveness of the machine by releasing a new console improved for the next year, even if it is not yet clear what distinguishes it from the classic version.

As reported by the publication in japan,  Nintendo is apparently still considering whether or not to insert of the upgrade, with production costs that obviously would entail.
Considering the launch of a Nintendo Switch in 2017, with the arrival of a revised and correct version about two and a half years after would follow a little bit the trend already established by Sony, with the PlayStation 4 Pro, so the manoeuvre would fit in a context that is already very experienced in this sense.

Nintendo, also, isn’t a new revision of its portable consoles, seeing that already in the time of the GameBoy, and then with the Nintendo DS and 3DS, has made different models for each machine.