The filming of Avengers 4 is officially finished, but the first news that comes from the set of will make sad fans of Captain America: the actor who impersonates him, Chris Evans, has officially declared that his work with Marvel has ended. Chris Evans will not return to play the role of Captain, after 8 years of career: the first film of the series back in 2011.

Chris Evans has been through a lot in the shoes of Captain America: three films dedicated to the character, plus, of course, a role of absolute importance in the first two films of the Avengers and in the recent Avengers: Infinity War. In leaving his role, now confirmed, because it has re-signed the contract with Marvel, he wanted to thank all the friends of set, and of course the employees; that the plaintiff was also visually moved in the last moments on the set of the shoot.

A question at this point arises: if Chris Evans will not be Captain America, what will happen to the character? Will be defeated by Thanos, and then killed in the next Avengers 4, which is available from the 3 May 2019 in Italy? Or maybe it will just go the ball to a new player, choice, however, potentially able to upset a large part of the fan of the Captain? We’ll see, in the meantime, we hope that this is only a goodbye.

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