In the course of the latest updates of Fortnite the dataminer had found in the game files some Skins are unpublished, never before seen, among them: the Scarecrow, had particularly excited the community, when Costumes are the elements that they had not seen even last Halloween, on the Battle Royale, the most famous of always.

Apparently the waiting time is over: the Skin of Scarecrow which is not only really exist, but in the moment in which we write can also be purchased in the Shop of Game Fortnite, of course, in exchange for the many and expensive V-buck.

The Skin in question, in the male version and the female, they are called Straw Man, and Straw, and are proposed to 1500 V-buck one (15 € at the exchange rate), not to mention that part, you can also buy the collection tool (a sickle) and a hang-glider exclusive. Finally, if own the money for you are not a problem, there is also the Dance theme, “Lay T” in which your character will jump just like a scarecrow.

Below you will find all of the items currently available in the Shop of Fortnite of today, October 7, 2018, recalling clearly that the real news are the Skin, the Scarecrow, with its Dance; will not be certain the latest Halloween themed, it should come back soon also available the Skull Trooper.