Who would not want a Skin exclusively inside of Fortnite? We’re not talking about a character or a hero or a costume designed by us and created by Epic Games and introduced in the Battle Royale, the most famous: we are talking about just a Skin that mimics our own, or that in any way calls our person. The would like to all the hustlers of Fortnite, and would like the same Ninja.

Ninja is the name of the art of the streamer most famous of 2018, certainly the most famous related to Fortnite: practically, he has become the public face of the official. During each presentation, the event theme, stream important, the publication of new content, and Ninja is there, and yet, unlike other streamer professionals, Epic Games has never proposed a Skin exclusive to be introduced to the inside of Fortnite.

In spite of half-phrases, and implied, it seems that the young streamer on the bottom if the grip on the staff: he said publicly and bitterly, “so Epic Games doesn’t want a Skin Ninja on Fortnite”. Remember: you are not referring to a Skin on a possible character in mind, such as those of Save the World (and PvE of Fortnite), the guy is talking just a Skin Ninja who calls his person, the streamer in its own right.

Prodded by fans on Reddit, and during the stream later, the Ninja said that he was only joking, was really controversial in its complaint. The fact is that must give him a lot of discomfort in the absence of a Skin exclusive after over a year of stream frequent theme Fortnite: maybe Epic Games there ripenserà and finally give him a sop? And speaking of Skin Fortnite: waiting for the return of the Skull Trooper grows more and more.