As you may know if you follow the world of football, Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of rape by Kathryn Mayorga, an american girl who told of having had a relationship is not consensual with him in 2009 and since then he is suffering from disorders related to the trauma. Electronic Arts has said it would monitor the situation, but in the meantime has decided to remove the picture of Ronaldo from the official page of EA Sports and the FIFA series, evidently fearing repercussions for the just-launched FIFA 19, that the port in the cover.

This morning we had reported the story about Cristiano Ronaldo and the caution of the publisher, the caution that began to take shape with these first steps.

Probably to push EA to the removal of the footballer was also the location of Ronaldo himself, a decidedly ambiguous because of the responses given to a questionnaire which is brought up by his lawyers in which he first declared that it is true that Mayorga did not want to have sex, but that it was made available, and then modify the answer by denying all accusations.

It is not yet clear how it will end this matter, but it is certainly not a good time for the player highest paid in the world.