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Overwatch, Experimental Mode: in the arrival of the Triple Damage Mode, the details

Jeff Kaplan, Game Director of Overwatch, has the Triple Damage Model within a new video developer diary.

“Star wars” fell into the trap of the Joker: the Ninth episode of the Saga levies inferior to the movie with Joaquin Phoenix

The ninth episode of the Saga "Star wars" levies inferior to the film "the Joker" with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role.

The leak indicates that the map of Big Navi will get 24 GB of memory HBM2e

And the productivity is 50% higher than in current models.

Large-scale modification Minecraft in the style of Harry Potter is available for review

Large-scale modification Minecraft in the style of Harry Potter is already available for review.

The next title Platinum Games collection Platinum4 will be revealed in two days

Platinum Games will unveil in the next two days the identity of the second title in the series Platinum4, but what will it be? New IP, sequel or remake?

Cyberpunk 2077: V, female version, and Keanu Reeves become statues!

On the occasion of the Toy Fair underway in New York, were spotted two new positions dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077.

Women accused, women protect: Weinstein can go to jail for 25 years

Harvey Weinstein can go to prison for 25 years.

The developers of Eternal DOOM has decided to recruit players with rap did not work

Before the release, meanwhile, remains less than a month.

A new report provides for the reduction of the mobile gaming european to 55% by 2022

According to Sensor Tower, mobile applications, gaming will not be so much widespread in the coming years, leaving space to app non-gaming...but the gains will be always to the stars.

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Cowboys sex does not Shine – the controversial Hot Coffee mod for Red Dead...

Prostitutes refuse to serve Arthur Morgan.

Respawn loses a co-founder: McCoy leaves the studio of Titanfall and Apex Legends

Drew McCoy has announced the end of their experience in Respawn Entertainment, but it does not seem willing to leave the world of video games.

Pokémon Sun, the Moon, the Ultrasole and Ultraluna: the Pokémon Global Link closing

As already pointed out by Nintendo a few months ago, the Pokémon Global Link will soon be turned off for all four titles.